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February 2021

March Spring Time – A Fresh Beginning?

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March Spring Time – A Fresh Beginning?

Friday 26 Feb 2021

As the colder weather starts to subside, and we get accustomed to brighter days, we cannot help but hope for a fresh beginning. The past couple of months have been enormously difficult for most. The rapid global spread of a dangerous pandemic, lockdowns and restrictions, followed by an economic halt, disrupted numerous lives.

The fresh breeze of spring is undoubtedly welcome, especially as many countries across the world are seeking an exit from the pandemic. In view of the new beginning, there are several things we can look forward to and you should approach it in style.

Clothing outlets at The Plaza

In view of the upcoming and much anticipated spring season, there are several retail options for you at The Plaza. The new season will undoubtedly call for the need of new clothes and you are indeed spoilt for choice at The Plaza. Irrespective of whether you are looking for formal wear or casual clothing, you can find a wide array of options to match your tastes. Perhaps you are looking forward to some new suits to greet the new season, especially now that more employees are working at offices. You would be delighted with a visit to Bortex. 

You may also be in for some casual clothing as you slowly start planning to catch up with friends and acquaintances, once the situation improves. Several outlets can cater for your casual clothing choices including Junction, LC Waikiki, Riot, Miss Selfridge, Mimi and promod.

Pamper yourself this spring

The new season is the perfect opportunity to pamper yourself with a new style and haircut. You will be satisfied with a haircut from Antonio’s Barber Shop or some perfumes available from the numerous outlets. You also have the opportunity to pamper yourself through the products offered at The Body Shop.

Culinary delight

Whilst you are shopping for your new items to enjoy this spring, you can enjoy a delightful meal at the recently established food court. The choice of cuisines is endless as you can experience different international tastes, all available at the same food court. As the situation improves significantly, you may plan for some outings to experience the cuisines available this spring, enriching your culinary experience.

 Looking forward to spring? We are! We look forward to welcoming you at The Plaza.

Easter Traditions in Malta

By Blog

Easter Traditions in Malta

Friday 26 Feb 2021

Easter is one of Malta’s most anticipated feasts and many prepare for it months in advance. As Easter quickly approaches, we shall discuss some of the common Easter traditions in Malta. Perhaps this year, we would be in a position to enjoy some of the most common traditions in Malta.

Source: Zejtun – Good Friday Procession (6) | Easter Celebrations | Pictures | Malta in Global-Geography

Good Friday

This is a holiday which commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus, preceding Easter Sunday, the day of his resurrection. During this day, many would typically avoid the consumption of meats and sweets to show religious respect. Quite common on Good Friday are the traditional sfineg. These are delightful fried treats that are filled with anchovies and olives. These would be quite delightful following the seven visits on Maundy Thursday, which bring Maltese families together. 

Easter eggs and figolli

Easter is synonymous with lovely treats and delights. Easter eggs are quite delightful and figolli make afternoon tea an immense treat. These are treats that are normally made available during the Easter period, so you would do well to indulge.

Easter lunch

Another Easter tradition where you can enjoy several meal courses that make the day special. This would consist of a full-blown meal including nibbles, starters, drinks and a main course to die for. It is very common that you would end up eating from these dishes for days. As you can imagine, the mood would be quite different from that of Good Friday. The feel would be that of celebration rather than the solemnity which is evident on Good Friday.

Source: Kwarezimal – Mannarinu

Easter associated food

Together with the delightful figolli mentioned earlier on, there is the Kwarezimal. During the period of lent, many people would give up eating on meat and sweets, however Kwarezimal are allowed. These are delicious, chewy, nutty, orange-flower flavoured local biscuits. There is also the Qaghaq tal-Appostoli. This is the traditional unleavened loaf of bread eaten after the Seven Visits on Maundy Thursday. It is a ring-shaped loaf of unleavened bread made with honey and garnished with almonds and sesame seeds. 

Are you looking forward to this Easter? We are!