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April 2021

Spring and Summer Collections 2021 – Apparel Trends – What to expect?

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Spring and Summer Collections 2021 – Apparel Trends – What to expect?

Monday 26 April 2021

Following a challenging year, we can all say that we deserve to treat ourselves with the latest fashion. In this article, we shall be going into some main trends currently being touted for the upcoming spring and summer. Whilst it has been quite a difficult couple of months, it is the right time for style inspiration. So what should you consider?

Oversized shoulder pad boyfriend jackets

An eighties inspired fashion trend. Combine this with straight-leg trousers and you have achieved an ultra-modern look. Suiting this upcoming trend, are colours of powder blue, charcoal and neutral ones. The outcome of this exciting style would be quite chic.

Camel colour styling

This style type which is inspired from the seventies allows you to keep a neutral look. In this regard, you can mix and match with several styles to create the right level of contrast. A subtle yet flattering feature for your look, it is definitely worth trying out in the spring and summer months.

Source – editseven.ca

Head scarfs

A fifties and sixties inspired trend. It is catching like fire! They protect your hair and add an extra element to your overall style without being too imposing. If you want to keep it even simpler, opt for bold colours.

Source – www.essentialhome.eu

Yellow Bags

Such bags have become a trend. They are literally dominating runways and streets. The best part about a yellow bag is that it is quite easy to acquire. The different shades to choose from are endless and the style is quite timeless.

Source – www.purseblog.com

White Knee-High Boots

A style inspired by the sixties. A minimalist colour and when combined with a patterned mini dress or skirt, you will multiply the sleek touch.

Blue accessories

The plus side of such accessories is the unlimited options. Blue accessories can be combined with several styles of garments. Combine a blue handbag or hat with a black or grey outfit and you are up and ready.

Source – www.purseblog.com

We are excited to see you all again at The Plaza, with restrictions now eased! Let us tend to your fashion requirements through the many outlets available.

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Iconic Spots in Sliema

By Blog

Iconic Spots in Sliema

Friday 16 April 2021

One of the most popular localities in Malta, Sliema is an exceptionally vibrant and sought after area. It is delightfully positioned next to the sea, allowing for impeccable views throughout. Sliema’s architecture is beautifully integrated consisting of modern apartments, old houses and Baroque churches. Sliema attracts volumes of people all throughout the year for different reasons including entertainment, shopping and night life. In this article, we shall be discussing some iconic spots in Sliema.

Sliema promenade

One of the key distinguishing features of Sliema. Locals and revellers simply call it “the front”. It is the place where joggers, dog walkers and strollers congregate, especially during the summer months! Whilst one is at the Sliema promenade, the Torri ta’ San Giljan which dates back to the 1600s, can be admired. At the promenade, one also finds the Independence Garden, which is quite a tranquil spot.

Balluta Bay

Another distinguishing feature of Sliema. Together with the clear waters, one would enjoy the magnificent view of the Carmelite Parish Church. Just behind Ballluta Bay, a bristling piazza, to enjoy a coffee or two! This bay is considered to be one of the most popular that Sliema has to offer. Apart from the casual swim, you may wish to gather some snorkeling gear. You may be impressed with the fish-filled reefs.

Qui Si-Sana Gardens

One of the poshest areas in Sliema, with luxury apartments extending throughout the majority of the area, the beautiful gardens may be enjoyed after a hard day’s work or to chill during the weekend. The marvellous sea-view complements this majestic location.

Fond Ghadir

In a nutshell, the Fond Ghadir consists of man-made bathing pools. What is impressive about these baths is that they go back to the 1800s. They provide ample relaxation during the summer months. Think of them as natural bubble baths!

Sliema’s churches

Strolling in the streets of Sliema gives you the opportunity to appreciate some of the locality’s distinct churches. One of the most remarkable is the Baroque Stella Maris church. This impressive church dates all the way back to 1853. In High Street, one would notice the oldest religious building, constructed in 1802, known as the Our Lady of Graces. Throughout the summer months, most of Sliema’s churches would be elegantly designed in anticipation of their respective feast.