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From Valletta to Sliema

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From Valletta to Sliema

Monday 31 Aug 2020

Whether you are a local and also if you are a tourist, you will definitely enjoy what Valletta and Sliema have to offer. Valletta, the capital city of Malta is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, holding over three hundred and twenty monuments and boasting a rich historical landscape. It is also a UNESCO world heritage site!

Olga Prystai, Panorama of Valletta, CC BY-SA 4.0

Sliema, on the other hand, is a leader when it comes to the most visited locations in Malta. Both locations are quite close to each other, and they also offer the opportunity for shopping, dining, and entertainment.

Sliema, Malta” (CC BY 2.0) by M McBey

If you are on holiday or else have the time to treat yourself, you should definitely visit both Valletta and Sliema. Following a few hours in Valletta, you should definitely make your way to one of Malta’s main shopping locations, Sliema. There are different ways how you can make your way to Sliema from Valletta.

We suggest the ferry!

Steering away from the usual means of transport, including both cars and buses, the ferry offers a different travel experience, one which you will definitely enjoy. You will get to appreciate the beautiful sea which separates Sliema and Valletta, under the brimming Maltese sunshine.

HnapelSliema to Valletta Ferry hnapel 01CC BY-SA 4.0

So how do you get to the ferry?

Once you are in Valletta, you can make your way to the Marsamxett Harbour kiosk. That is the only place where you can catch the ferry to Sliema. You will then need to line up, so that you may pay the fare and board.

Once that is out of the way, you can enjoy your fifteen-minute trip as you gaze at the clear blue sea and indulge in the beautiful surroundings.

Once you arrive at Sliema you will have plenty to do! There are various shops where you can browse new clothes, gadgets, beauty products, and practically most retail items you can think of. Whilst there, it would be a pity to miss out on a short walk across the promenade where you can experience the Sliema bustle and outstanding sea view. Just spending a few minutes looking at the picturesque Sliema sea view is enough to clear your head.

The beauty of Sliema revolves around the fact that you can enjoy it at any time of the day that you visit. Staying in Sliema during the evening means that you have ample choice to select a good restaurant for a delightful meal or a couple of drinks from one of the bars.

The activities you can undertake in Sliema are endless and visiting it via the ferry only adds to the pleasant experience.

MboeschSliema-marsamxett-creekCC BY-SA 3.0

Keeping cool during summer

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Keeping cool during summer

Thursday 06 Aug 2020

The summer in Malta brings in an eagerly anticipated couple of months. It is that time of year where you can dress more comfortably, enjoy one of Sliema’s beautiful seaside areas, organise BBQ’s and indulge in several other activities. Needless to say, amidst the scorching heat, you will need to take all the opportunities you can to keep yourself cool.

So how can you keep yourself cool during summer?

Keep yourself hydrated and fresh

Drinking plenty of liquids ensures that you remain hydrated, together with eating healthy food items such as fruit. Speaking of which, why not try a delicious and freshly prepared fruit juice from Dr Juice? Here at The Plaza you can enjoy one of these flavourful juices, keeping you nice and fresh throughout these hot summer months.

Take care of your body

The summer can take its toll on your skin, leaving you with bouts of acne, sunburn, dry and irritated skin and any other rashes which may be caused by the sometimes, unbearable heat. This underlines the importance of having the right skin products at hand, as the summer months loom. If skincare is on your mind, you would do well to pay a visit to The Body Shop, where you can browse through the different natural products available. Just before you leave, you will have the opportunity to visit the Franks perfumery. A place which will undoubtedly help you keep fresh and smell good during these hot summer months.

Eat cool food

Summer is synonymous with cool food, where many would want to experiment with less hot options. One favourite summer dish is definitely sushi. And speaking of sushi, at The Plaza you can order your own selected assortment of sushi sets from Wasabi!

Some swimming

Whilst you are in Sliema, you can enjoy the beautiful sea that surrounds the location. What better way to keep yourself fresh and cool this summer other than through a good swim? You will also shed a few pounds! And if you are still looking for a swimsuit, have a stroll at the various retail shops found here at The Plaza. Something will surely match your taste!

Enjoy the summer and keep cool!

What’s in the Plaza

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What’s in the Plaza?

Thursday 06 Aug 2020

Whilst you are strolling within the beautiful bustle of Sliema, being sun-kissed by the exceptional Maltese sunshine, you may be tempted to visit The Plaza. You may ask, so what’s in The Plaza that’s worth visiting? The quick answer?  A number of retail shops and outlets to cater for your shopping necessities and culinary delights!

Pamper yourself

Here at The Plaza, you will finda number of outlets specifically designed to make you feel good. Perhaps it’s time for a change of hairstyle or your monthly grooming routine. You are in good hands at Antonio’s Barber Shop and Toni & Guy. So if you are craving that razor sharp, or very sleek look, either for an important event, or simply because you deserve it, head your way down here at The Plaza, to get that wonderful and stylish look.

Pamper yourself – Round 2

Your body deserves the best and that is precisely what The Body Shop can deliver. With the wide range of make-up, skincare and hair care products, you will definitely find the natural quality that you deserve. Whilst you are here, do visit Franks, another outlet focused on perfumery, make-up and skin, for both men and women. For those looking to experiment with make-up, they can visit Lucy!

Shop till you drop

The unique combination of retail shops available here at The Plaza is tailored to cater for all your shopping needs. Looking for a new shirt? Or some shoes? A fancy new dress? You are guaranteed a satisfying shopping experience. So, let’s say it’s time for a new suit. The Plaza hosts one of the leading and most respected names in formal men’s tailoring. We all know about Bortex! Visiting Bortex means enjoying a personalised experience where you can browse through different formal wear, being guided by expert staff into making a purchase decision which suits and benefits you.

All the food in the world 

Through a recently spearheaded initiative, namely the food court, visitors can enjoy a scrumptious meal guaranteed to tickle their taste buds. Through the catering outlets available, visitors can enjoy various cuisines including Chinese, Indian, Hawaiian, sushi, Italian, Peruvian, Venezuelan and homemade burgers. It probably is the only place in Malta where you can find all these international flavours under one roof.

For those who do not have the time for a longer dining experience, one can also opt for a light snack on the go, from Subway or Leaf, together with a refreshing beverage from Dr Juice!

Special gifts for the little ones

Here at The Plaza, one can also buy gifts and items for toddlers and young kids. If you are expecting a baby, what better way to greet your new addition than with the variety of items found at Mothercare?Here you will find a wide range of children’s clothing, furniture and home furnishings, bedding, feeding, bathing, travel equipment, toys and maternity wear.You can also browse for toys, party supplies, games, novelties, puzzles, books and outdoor toys at Junior’s!

New Devices

Need a new smartphone, laptop or tablet? At Intercomp, you will find leading brands for all such devices.

Excited? Come on over and see for yourself what’s in The Plaza.

Christmas campaign 2018

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The Plaza 2018 Christmas campaign

21 November 2018

Once again, the Festive Season is upon us! The Plaza will be fully embracing the festive season once again re-introducing the Shop&Win Campaign, which means 4 winners daily! And that’s not the end of it we will be having 2 Grande Prizes on Christmas Eve!

The Plaza is not stopping there, all throughout the month of December we will be hosting; Live Bands & Musicians, Entertainers, Caricature Artists, an Artisan Christmas Market, some Carolling and of course great shopping all under one roof! 


Our shops have got you covered.

Food hall opening this festive season

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Plaza Food Hall opening this festive season

21 November 2018

The Plaza has been working hard to open up its brand-new Food Hall on Level 0. The general vision for the food offerings will be a series of stalls and shops offering high quality, chef-driven specialty foods with a wide and diverse range of cuisines including Peruvian, Indian, Hawaiian, Italian and more. Each stall will serve highly specialized and targeted culinary offerings, artisan and local in design and execution, with affordable prices typically found in food halls serving food counter-style. Head down to our food hall on Level 0 for Great food to suit your mood!


Our shops have got you covered.

Careers template

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Assistant Brand Manager

Friday 29 June 2018


We are looking for a Assistant Brand Manager to help develop and implement effective brand-building strategies. You’ll brainstorm ideas to meet sales and marketing objectives, help execute plans and report on campaign results.

In this role, you should be creative and results-oriented. An analytical mind and research skills are essential to this job. If you’re also an excellent communicator and team player, we’d like to meet you.

Your goal will be to increase sales and brand awareness through effective marketing plans and campaigns.


• Meet with stakeholders to determine brand objectives and strategies

• Research markets and study the company’s brand

• Present and execute creative ideas for marketing activities

• Help develop and optimize marketing campaigns (product launching and promotion)

• Coordinate sales, product development and other teams

• Track budgets with an eye towards maximizing gains and reducing costs

• Analyze industry, competition and market trends

• Prepare reports on brand performance and sales


• Proven experience as an Assistant Brand Manager

• Knowledge of product pricing, packaging, distribution and positioning

• Familiarity with latest marketing trends and best practices

• Ability to conduct research and analyze data

• Organizational skills, experience meeting tight deadlines

• Excellent communication and teamwork skills

• Results-driven attitude

• A creative mindset

• BSc/BA in Marketing, Communication, Business or related field; Master’s/MBA is a plus


  • Drop files here or


See what our store owners have to say about
The Plaza.


The Plaza is located in the heart of the Sliema
shopping district.

Post Template

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10 Best Gifts To Give A 14 Year Old Kid

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Our shops have got you covered.