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Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day

Friday 15 Jan 2021

During the month of February, we celebrate Valentine’s Day, where we commemorate romantic love, friendship and admiration. Every fourteenth of February, people celebrate this special occasion by sending messages of affection to partners, friends and family. It is also customary, that cards and flowers are sent to express appreciation and love.

The history of Valentine’s Day

This day is named after Saint Valentine. He was a catholic priest that lived in Rome, in the third century. This Saint has several stories to his account, which contributed to him becoming the legend that he is today. 

During the lifetime of Saint Valentine, it was a delicate time for Christians. The Emperor at the time, was of a pagan background and had set up strict laws for Christians. It was deemed that Roman soldiers should not be allowed to marry, as they had to ensure their devotion to Rome. Saint Valentine would marry such soldiers in secret Christian ceremonies and it was here where he started to establish a reputation in relation to the importance he gave to love.

His activities were not to last forever as he was caught and imprisoned for not complying with the laws set out by Emperor Claudius. His good nature extended to his prison years as he catered for fellow prisoners and his jailor’s blind daughter. According to legend, Saint Valentine had cured this girl from blindness. It is said that his final act before being executed was to write to her a love message, signed “from your Valentine.”  He was killed on the 14th of February in the year 270.

Following more than two hundred years, the 14th of February was announced as St Valentine’s Day. During this period, Rome had adopted a Christian religion, with the Catholic Church determined to squash out the remains of paganism. 

In contemporary times, Valentine’s Day is celebrated by couples, with dinners, romantic getaways and gifts. For this year’s Valentine’s Day, here at The Plaza we have a wide range of gift options for your special someone. Come give us a visit and see for yourself.

January Sales at The Plaza

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January Sales at The Plaza

Saturday 02 Jan 2021

The month of January is synonymous with shopping sales. This January, outlets at The Plaza are giving out fantastic sales so that you can start the year on the right foot, benefiting from quality products at great prices. So what are the products you can benefit from during The Plaza January sales?

Men and women’s clothes

Visiting The Plaza means having the opportunity to browse through countless clothing shops, boasting different styles to satisfy the various tastes. Whether you are looking for formalwear, casual clothing or a different style, you are guaranteed a luxury of choice at The Plaza, and with the fantastic sales currently available, it is definitely the place to visit. It is also a good idea to pay a visit, especially as we progress through the winter, and you may need to upgrade your wardrobe.


Shoes and footwear

Talking about starting the year on the right foot, you may need a new pair of shoes! Come have a look at the different collections available.


Beauty and perfumery

The Plaza holds a number of retail shops aimed at making you look and feel better. Benefit this January as you stroll through the different shops, browsing various products of high quality and at excellent prices.



The Plaza also allows you ample choices for devices. If you are considering a new phone, tablet or laptop to reward yourself and start the year in better fashion, you should pay a visit to Intercomp. You may encounter that phone or any other device that you would be looking for at a good price, starting off the year with a blast.


Kids’ clothes

The Plaza also offers an ample selection for kids’ clothes and shoes. Visiting The Plaza in January may allow you to benefit from fantastic sales for your little ones. Starting the year with a smile on their faces will definitely bring great satisfaction to you as a parent.


Food that makes you spoilt for choice

You may not be an avid shopping fan. In that case, you can also treat yourself to the various meals available at the food court. With the choice of different international cuisines available, you are sure to enjoy yourself, whilst the rest of the family shops.

Whilst we wish you the best for the start of the new year, we do look forward to greeting you here at The Plaza.

The Tiffen Box

Looking Back at 2020 and Looking forward to a Brighter 2021

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Looking Back at 2020 and Looking forward to a Brighter 2021

Saturday 02 Jan 2021

Many are glad to see the chapter of 2020 coming to a close, as we herald in the new year, where most are hoping that it will be a significantly better one than the previous. During this time last year, very few would have thought that the following months will be characterised by several hardships, including an uncontrollable pandemic, global lockdowns, over a million deaths and many people infected.

As we start off 2021, there is most definitely a greater sense of optimism as the world may be turning the tide. As multiple vaccines are dubbed to become available, and with programmes to get people inoculated fast, we may indeed be in a position to speak about the pandemic as a thing of the past during the course of 2021. In this article, we shall discuss some of the things we so desperately miss, and look forward to during the course of this year.

Tourism and travel

The world is definitely not the same without easy access to travel. The joy brought about by visiting a country and temporarily getting away from it all, compares to nothing. Due to airport restrictions and a general sense of fear, people are not travelling as they used to. A country such as Malta feels empty without tourists and we look forward to be able to greet them again, sooner rather than later as the situation stabilises.


Due to the disruption caused by the pandemic, many people steered away from physical shopping, to avoid crowds, transitioning to online transactions. As the situation improves, it is expected that people will once again engage in physical shopping, as it is a totally different experience to buying through a computer or device.

Events and entertainment

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a major shift to the events and entertainment industry. Considering that the virus is so easily spreadable, there are several restrictions for events, which are capped at low amounts of attendees, without much opportunity for mingling as people are asked to remain at their seats. In a nutshell, stand-up events will have to wait. The same applies for restaurants, which also have to face restrictions, with each table being kept at a two-metre distance from the other. Bars and other outlets that serve drinks which go hand in hand with nightlife remain closed for the time being.

Once the situation improves, many would get the opportunity to indulge in several events and enjoy some well-deserved entertainment.

Festive Sliema

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Festive Sliema

Tuesday 01 Dec 2020

As the Christmas season approaches, many would be looking forward to the related festivities, as we enjoy one of the greatest time periods of the year. The Christmas feel is quite strong in Malta, with many adopting distinguishing decorations across homes and shops.

One place where you can definitely enjoy the festive Christmas cheer is undoubtedly Sliema. So why should you visit Sliema during this splendid time of year?

Christmas shopping

Sliema is one of the best places to cater for your Christmas shopping needs. An abundance of shops ensures that you can find whatever it is you are looking for. This is also accompanied by the fact that opening hours for shops are normally extended, hence meaning that you can shop till late, in a unique atmosphere. You could also benefit from some of the Christmas sales which may be available!


During the Christmas period, Sliema would be very pleasantly lit up with beautiful decorations. No wonder it attracts people from all over Malta for a visit or two!

Christmas market stands

Have you ever explored the Christmas market stands which are set up in Sliema? You are in for quite a delight. These stands provide a number of different goodies to enjoy with the family and you should definitely not miss out.

Treat yourself

Sliema is one of the best places for Christmas shopping, and is an absolute treat to visit. Enjoying a visit allows you to relax and even having just a simple coffee amidst the wonderful atmosphere is already enough to calm the senses and uplift your mood. So if you are thinking about a nice family outing, one of the Sliema restaurants is indeed an enticing option, especially during this glorious Christmas time.


Preparing for events

Christmas is normally the time for events and other gatherings. In this regard, you will need to ensure that you look your best and make quite an impression during the festivities. A number of shops at Sliema allow you to browse through garments of the latest trends and make great purchases. Together with this, Sliema allows you to shop for the right hampers, wines and other gifts as you deem necessary for those who invited you.


Whilst wishing you the best of what this festive season has to offer, we would be more than happy to greet you at The Plaza, as you visit Sliema to enjoy Christmas.

Black Friday

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Black Friday

Tuesday 02 Nov 2020

Black Friday is an informal, yet renowned name to refer to the Friday which follows Thanksgiving Day in the United States. It usually takes place on the fourth Friday of November. This is the day that stores would typically open early and remain so till late, offering various sales and special offers.

The connotation of Black Friday is associated with the fact that most retail outlets would be “in the black” on that day due to making significant profits. Many would think that the term was coined to reflect shopping activity, however, the history behind it is somewhat darker. The term was first used on the 24th of September, 1869, when two investors drove up the price of gold and caused a crash.

But enough about that! Black Friday is today, the term associated with excessive shopping and rare offers. So why shouldn’t you take advantage of this opportunity?

Where can you enjoy the Black Friday experience? At The Plaza of course! Where else?

A number of outlets here at The Plaza will be having some very special offers just for you!

Need a new device?

Do you yearn for a new phone as the current one is old? Perhaps your laptop has grown too slow? Black Friday might be the best day to go visit Intercomp and treat yourself to a new and modern device. There is no better day for this than Black Friday!

Need some new winter clothes?

The Plaza hosts a number of outlets dedicated to the shopping of clothes. With winter at our doorstep, it would be a smart move to consider buying new clothes during Black Friday. You may be pleased with the offers which shall be made available by the different retail outlets. The best part is that you have an infinite selection, containing several options including formal, smart and casual clothing.

Accessories and jewellery

Do you want to uplift your style? At The Plaza, there are several outlets selling jewellery, handbags, shoes and other accessories aimed at giving you the desired look. So what are you waiting for? Your new accessories await during this upcoming Black Friday.

We are also pleased to let you know that The Plaza will be extending its opening hours for the much-anticipated Black Friday weekend, spread over four days. These opening hours for this special Black Friday weekend shall be:

Thursday 26th November, from 10am till 9pm

Friday 27th November, from 10am till 9pm

Saturday 28th November, from 10am till 8pm

Sunday 29th November, from 10am till 8pm


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Tuesday 02 Nov 2020

Movember is the initiative that takes place during the month of November aimed at promoting men’s health, raising awareness and funds to battle with serious issues such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention.

During this month, in a bid to raise further awareness, men are encouraged to avoid shaving their facial hair. You will in fact notice many who would start off the month of November cleanly shaven, and would then grow their beards or moustaches as the month progresses.

Throughout the weeks of November we cannot emphasise enough the importance of checking yourself and keeping tabs on your health. Checking yourself should not be considered as a stigma, it should be seen as a preventative measure, to capture any ailments early and keep them at bay. It is also the month to seek help, especially if things have not been going your way recently. It is only very normal to feel vulnerable during certain stages in life.

Whilst November is indeed a month of awareness, it should not be just associated with tension and the eager awaiting of test results. You should still pamper yourself and where better to do this than at The Plaza.

Get a nice haircut

Pay a visit to Antonio’s Barber Shop and enjoy a well-defined haircut to suit your style. Being one of the leading barber shops in Malta, specialising in old school barbering, you are guaranteed a great look. To make it even more convenient, you can set up your booking online via the website. Whilst you are there, do not forget to browse through the different beard products for the facial hair that you may be growing for Movember!

Suit up

Whilst you are at The Plaza, you should definitely not miss out on a tailored suit.  At The Plaza the Bortex outlet offers 325sqm of men’s suits, jackets, trousers, formal shirts and ties as well as a full range of smart casual items.

Well-deserved glorious shopping

At The Plaza, you will find numerous outlets to tend to your retail needs. Casual clothing shops such as U.S. Polo Assn., Junction, Kwaddro and Riot are well equipped to meet your fashion tastes.

Treat yourself to delightful international cuisine

The Plaza is one of a few places where you can experience different international cuisines under one roof. Whilst you are here you would be able to close off your shopping experience with a luxurious selection of different dishes. A complete experience for your enjoyment!

Come visit us at The Plaza.

Pink October at The Plaza

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Pink October at The Plaza

Wednesday 14 Oct 2020

Pink October

October is the month dedicated for breast cancer awareness. During this month, it has become quite commonplace to see a lot of promotional material related to Pink October and the consistent emphasis that women should screen themselves to keep safe.

Several institutions and organisations show their support towards Pink October by organising initiatives with the related themes including pink ribbons, encourage employees to come to work, wearing something pink, and baking goods with pink icing or finish.

During this month of awareness, we cannot emphasise enough the importance of ensuring that women screen themselves, so that any potential problems are captured early on. Whilst this month should be one of caution and attentiveness, it does not mean that our lady friends cannot indulge in some self-care.

At The Plaza, there are several outlets catered for self-care and retail therapy. In this article, we shall be discussing how you can enjoy yourself at The Plaza!

Treat yourself

At The Plaza there are some outlets dedicated to rewarding you and making you feel good. The Body Shop is one of these and boasts products which enhance natural beauty. This is done by using natural products, whilst promoting the well-being of the environment. A perfume? Why not treat yourself by visiting one of Malta’s leading perfumeries? You should definitely consider visiting Franks! Or else, perhaps some make-up? Lucy is the place for you, especially if you are looking for something adventurous.

Maybe you are looking for a new hairstyle? You will be pleased to know that you can achieve your desired style at Toni & Guy.

Retail therapy

The Plaza is also the place to visit for some good old retail therapy. If you would like to buy some new clothes, shoes or other apparel, it is definitely the place to visit due to all the outlets available. These include Miss Selfridge, Promod, Stivaletti, Oltre and Saltwater amongst others. With all these options available, you could for sure find whatever it is you are looking for!

And that’s not it! On Saturdays The Plaza is giving out small gifts to the women that visit, during this month of October.

Whilst Pink October is the month for awareness and keeping tabs on yourself, it should not just be associated with feelings of tension or uncertainty. Reward yourself with a treat at The Plaza!

Should you wish to contribute to this generous cause, collection boxes may be found at the entrances of The Plaza. For further information related to the activities of Pink October, please visit:

The Marigold Foundation Facebook page

The Pink Oct – Mov 2020 Facebook page

Wintery Sliema

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Wintery Sliema

Wednesday 14 Oct 2020

As we progress through October and the weather becomes a tad cooler, we slowly start to prepare for winter. We slowly transition for long sleeves and jackets versus summer t-shirts and flip-flops. It is quite common that when colder weather is upon us, many people would opt to stay at home rather than going out. In fact, it can be noticed that during the evenings, most of Malta’s streets would be less occupied due to the cold weather.

One of the localities which still attracts volumes of people even during the colder winter months is Sliema. Being one of the most popular localities in Malta, there are several reasons why people would still visit even when the weather is less permitting. In this article, we will discuss some of the reasons why people will still visit Sliema.

Sliema beach” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Urban Biker Marc

Christmas shopping

The Christmas season is quite synonymous with Sliema. It is the natural place to go to if you are looking to buy some presents for your loved ones. It is quite commonplace that during the Christmas period, shops would remain open till late to accommodate the large streams of consumers making their way to Sliema. Not going to Sliema during the Christmas period definitely means missing out on an enjoyable atmosphere and experience. Whilst you are there, make sure to visit the Christmas market at Bisazza Street. It is simply sublime!

©Google Maps 2020

Long walks

Sometimes a walk in the winter can do a world of good. Enjoying some physical activity in the cool air can do a world of good to clear your head. Where else better than Sliema for such a nice walk? Very few considering the beautiful sea-view and bristling activity. So, when the winter comes along in the next couple of weeks, grab your jacket and hoodie, and enjoy the Sliema promenade and the rumbling waves.


A warm drink

Sliema is ideal for relaxation and what better way to do that than grabbing yourself a hot drink and enjoying it at a coffee shop? Quite a cosy and enjoyable way to spend the afternoon with a couple of friends.

Dining and drinks

Sliema is also the ideal place to enjoy a good lunch or dinner and some drinks. There are several places of quality that can ensure an enjoyable experience and even in the winter months, visiting a restaurant in Sliema is a treat to look forward to.

Work Play Balance

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Work Play Balance

Thursday 24 Sep 2020

Sliema is one of the most popular and frequented places in Malta. It is one of those places which literally combines everything, your ideal location for both work and play. In this article, we shall be discussing the different facets of Sliema and why it is truly unique.


By Photo by CEphoto, Uwe Aranas or alternatively © CEphoto, Uwe Aranas, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link


Sliema is home to several local and international businesses. Being one of the busiest places in Malta, many businesses have set up shop in Sliema, due to it being one of the country’s main economic centres. Those businesses that hold an office in Sliema communicate a certain sense of stature, as it is one of the most expensive places to acquire or rent office space. Sliema is home to different types of businesses, including those operating in gaming, financial services, property and hospitality, amongst many others.

Lunch and dinner

Sliema is one of the top places for entertainment. It is one of the obvious locations you would think of when selecting a restaurant for either lunch or dinner. Sliema has a wide array of restaurants to choose from and there you can definitely enjoy some well-deserved relaxation.


The lifestyle in Sliema is also quite unique. Living in Sliema puts you in closer proximity to certain luxuries such as shopping and magnificent seaviews. Jogging on the Sliema front is something that not most people have easy access to. There is also a party element associated with Sliema. When having a stroll in Sliema during the weekend nights, you will see that it is brimming with activity, in bars and restaurants.


The play aspect of Sliema can also be enjoyed through the countless shopping outlets. It is one of the obvious places which comes to mind when thinking about shopping. For anything you might want to shop for, be it clothes, gadgets and gifts, Sliema is definitely the place to go.


Sliema is also the place where you can enjoy a good swim. Considering that it is surrounded by the sea, missing out on a swim is definitely not recommended.


One of Malta’s touristic jewels, Sliema is frequented by thousands of tourists, year on year. Its beauty is not just appreciated by the locals but also, by several foreigners who visit Malta.

All the food in the world in one place

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All the food in the world in one place

Thursday 24 Sep 2020

If you are in the mood to excite your taste buds through a tantalising selection of different cuisines, The Plaza is definitely the place to visit. The recent investment in the food court allows The Plaza to offer a wide variety of international dishes to please one’s taste buds. The way that it is set up allows for a truly international dining experience, all within one complex. The choice is indeed a luxury not offered by many.

So what types of cuisines can you enjoy at The Plaza?

For the more conservative, one can indulge in delightful Italian cuisine offered by Al Solito Posto. It is the place which prepares exquisite Italian delicacies, for the entire family’s enjoyment. The selection of pizza and pasta prepared is simply divine.


The Plaza is also graced with the presence of the highly experienced Chef Lee, serving exquisite Chinese food on behalf of Yummy. Just in case you were wondering, the household favourites including sweet and sour pork, lemon chicken, beef with oyster sauce and egg-fried rice are all available for your pleasure.


Indian you say? Of course! The Tiffin Box brings to The Plaza, dishes originating from all corners of India. The unique spice blends and flavours can be enjoyed in every dish, including curries, kebabs and street food.


Yes, at The Plaza you will also find an enhanced experience of Japanese cuisine served by Wasabi. Dedicated to expertise and passion for authentic Japanese cuisine, Wasabi offers a different experience to enjoy. The difference can be experienced through the freshly cut fish and high-quality ingredients.

Looking for something more adventurous?

The Plaza is fortunate enough to accommodate Malta’s first Hawaiian restaurant, Po-K. The concept revolves around a selection of fresh vegetables laid on a bed of either sushi rice, soba noodles, quinoa or a mix, crowned off with a choice of tuna, salmon or marinated grilled chicken with several other fresh toppings and sauces. Po-K offers water-based smoothies concocted with fresh fruit.


A Venezuelan meal perhaps? Signature meals such as coal-roasted chicken and mixed-meats can be enjoyed at El Dorado.


A taste of Peru perhaps? Machu Picchu is the first Peruvian restaurant in Malta and is committed to deliver the best dishes that Peru has to offer.


The Plaza also accommodates those who want a quick snack on the go. Leaf prepares daily fresh salads, sandwiches, wraps, smoothies and coffee and Subway creates delightful submarine sandwiches which can be customised to your preferences.

Ready for a scrumptious meal? Come visit us at The Plaza.