Plaza Celebrates the Power of Embracing Diversity

A five-scene motion picture invites people to shared moments brought to life with one ever-expansive journey.
In collaboration with Rocksteady, The Plaza Shopping Centre is introducing a new diversity and lifestyle-focused campaign – …For every lifestyle. For every moment. To debut the spring/summer season of 2022 in Malta, promoting the best brands under one roof.
The Shopping Centre is launching a 70-second film, ‘By Your Side’, that invites people to witness shared moments brought to life with one ever-expansive journey, made up of many unique lifestyles.
By Your Side - '…For every lifestyle. For every moment.'

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One Ever Expansive Journey

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Personal branding has become and important aspect when portraying our personality nowadays so let us help you to the next level. At The Plaza Shopping Centre you will find brands that suit all styles and needs to take you on your personal style journey. Whether you’re shopping for work, leisure or kids you will find what you need.

Sharing personal anecdotes or your origin story is a form of differentiation that establishes your brand and distinguishes you from the competition. You have a unique life story.

Always By Your Side

It’s this spirit that inspired our concept: By Your Side – an idea that celebrates the expansion of self through the continued pursuit of perspectives, and encourages our audience to invite new ideas, beliefs, and stories to their life.


For Every Lifestyle & For every moment

In a seamless, five-scene movie, we travel through different personalities and lifestyles, that The Plaza welcomes to unlock a borderless world, showcasing the magic that comes when people from different walks of life gather outside the shopping centre to share, converse, and ultimately build moments in their life.

Dine In Or Take Out

After some retail therapy, re-charge yourself with a good meal! Visit our food court and experience a wide range of cuisines to choose from. Just sit and take your pick!

Tea Fusion




Dine In the Best Place

 makes every dish come to life with vibrant colours and taste. The meal starts with beautiful simplicity – fresh bread, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and homemade butter, teasing the appetite for the treats to come.


The Tiffin Box