Mon-Sat: 9:30 – 19:30, Sun & Public Holidays: 11:00 – 19:00

Meet Santa & Festive Fun For Kids

Celebrate a Magical December at The Plaza: Santa’s Fun House and Festivities for Kids!

The Plaza is abuzz with festive cheer, twinkling lights, and the sound of joyful laughter as we invite you to join us for a sensational December celebration at Santa’s Fun House!

From December 8th to the 24th, level 3 transforms into a haven of merriment and wonder, where children can immerse themselves in a world of enchanting activities designed just for them.


Santa’s Meet and Greet: Where Wishes Come True

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of meeting Santa Claus himself. Every weekend and on public holidays, Santa, with his rosy cheeks and his naughty elves, will be here at The Plaza, ready to listen to the dreams and wishes of every child. From sharing heartfelt wishes to capturing picture-perfect moments, this encounter with Santa is a memory to treasure for a lifetime.


Crafting Memories and Sending Wishes

Imagination takes center stage as children engage in delightful crafting sessions. From creating intricate paper crafts to penning heartfelt letters to Santa, every moment is filled with creativity and anticipation. And what makes it even more magical? The direct post box to the North Pole, ensuring each letter finds its way to Santa’s doorstep in time for Christmas Eve.


Fun-filled Activities to Delight Every Child

The excitement continues with a myriad of engaging activities. Talented artists will transform eager faces into whimsical characters with their skillful face painting. The air will be filled with laughter and toe-tapping tunes as Santa’s elves lead cheerful dance-alongs, spreading joy wherever they go. Prepare to be mesmerized by captivating magic shows that leave kids wide-eyed and utterly enchanted.

Games that Spark Joy and Togetherness

Games are the heart of joyous gatherings, and here at Santa’s Play House, we have an array of them! From traditional favorites with a festive twist to brand new games, children will immerse themselves in moments of laughter, friendly competition, and shared happiness.

Event Details: Save the Dates!

Santa’s Fun House will open its doors from 12:00 to 16:00, starting December 8th until the magical eve of December 24th. Gather the family and join us at The Plaza for this extraordinary celebration!

A Fun-Filled Schedule of Activities

  • Friday 8th December: Meet Santa and his Elves, Face Painting, Crafts, Feed Rudolf Toss Game.
  • Saturday 9th December: Meet Santa and his Elves and fairies, Christmas Crafts (Letters to Santa), and Feed Rudolf Toss Game.
  • Sunday 10th December: Meet Santa and his Elves, Elf Dance Along (13:00 & 15:00), Christmas Games, Feed Rudolf Toss Game.
  • Wednesday 13th December: Meet Santa and his Elves, Fairies, Magic Show (13:00), Feed Rudolf Toss.
  • Saturday 16th December: Meet Santa and his Elves and fairies, do Christmas Crafts, and Feed Rudolf Toss Game.
  • Sunday 17th December: Meet Santa and his Elves and fairies, Face Painting, Feed Rudolf Toss Game.
  • Saturday 23rd December: Meet Santa and his Elves, Christmas Mascot, Snowball Shy Giant Game, Feed Rudolf Toss Game)
  • Sunday 24th December: Meet Santa and his Elves, Fairies, Christmas Mascot, Glitter Tattoos, Snowball Shy Gant Game, Feed Rudolf Toss Game.

A Season of Cherished Memories

At The Plaza, we believe in creating moments that become cherished memories. December is a time to revel in the spirit of togetherness, joy, and the magic that fills the air. Bring your family, embrace the festive spirit, and let us be part of making this December an unforgettable one for your little ones.

Get ready to be enchanted and immerse yourselves in the holiday spirit at Santa’s Play House. We’re thrilled to welcome you and your family to celebrate this magical season with us!

See you there, and let the festivities begin!