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The Body Shop

The Body Shop Malta: Beauty Redefined Since 1976

Explore the remarkable journey of The Body Shop, which began with a little green shop in Brighton in 1976. Discover how we’ve redefined beauty, championed ethics, and harnessed the power of nature to create products that help you be the best version of yourself.

The Body Shop: Where Beauty Meets Ethics
In 1976, a remarkable journey commenced with the founding of The Body Shop by our visionary leader, Anita Roddick. What started as a humble green-painted shop in the charming streets of Brighton, England, became the epicenter of a beauty revolution. At The Body Shop, we challenged conventions, redefined beauty, and proved that business could indeed be a force for good. Welcome to The Body Shop Malta, where we’ve spent over four decades campaigning, reshaping industry norms, and championing a new era of beauty.

The Beauty Revolution: Redefining Self-Confidence
Anita Roddick, the visionary behind The Body Shop, didn’t just challenge the beauty industry; she revolutionized it. While the industry prescribed fixed ideals of beauty, she saw it differently. To Anita, beauty was about joy, comfort, and self-esteem. It was about what you loved about yourself and what made you feel good. Her beauty products weren’t designed to transform women into someone they weren’t. Instead, they were crafted to help women become the best version of themselves, embracing their unique qualities.

A Force for Good in Beauty: Nature-Powered Ingredients
Since 1976, The Body Shop has been a force for good in the beauty world. Our commitment to ethical sourcing and harnessing the power of nature in our products has set us apart. We believe in beauty that’s not just skin-deep but goes deeper, touching your sense of self. Every ingredient we use is powered by nature, contributing to a range of beauty products that support your well-being. Join us in celebrating the essence of beauty and the ethical, nature-infused journey of The Body Shop Malta.

Connect with Us: Not Your Average Beauty Company
At The Body Shop Malta, we value the connection we share with our community. Join us on our journey of redefining beauty. Stay in touch with our latest products, promotions, and initiatives. Connect with us on social media, engage in our events, and share your thoughts and ideas. Together, we’ll shape a more beautiful world.

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